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sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

Guía de regalos #17 La luna y el Gato - Gift guide #17 The moon and the Cat - Grumpy Cat

Hoy les traigo la guía de regalos #17 que acabo de crear. Esta colección está inspirada en la luna, los gatos y el famoso "grumpy cat". Bisutería, joyería, accesorios hechos a mano, fotografía, mascotas, ropa, arte y diseño :)

Espero que les guste y gracias por visitarme. ¡Les deseo un excelente fin de semana!

Today I want to share the gift guide # 17 I just created. This collection is inspired by the moon, the cats and the famous grumpy cat. Jewelry, handmade accessories, pets, photography, clothing, art and design for your eyes!

Hope you like it and thanks for looking :) Have a great weekend!  

'The moon and the Cat' by kndydisenos

mint green pet kitten door - "Welcome" - 8 x 10 Photograph - HaynesHerWay Green Glass Ring - HaynesHerWay Vintage Moroccan Necklace Beaded Costume Garnet Necklace / Vintage High Fashion Jewelry / Statement Necklace FREE SHIPPING - DevikaBox Seeing The Dark Side of the Moon Necklace with Two Stars and Custom Initials- Large Hammered Crescent Moon Shape - SoulPeaces
Handmade Full Moon Tank Top, Screenprint, Hippie, Women, Original Artwork, Zodiac, Stars, Moon, Hippie, Bohemian, Celestial - theforgivingtree Grumpy Cat Night Light negative adorable art by Kathleen Habbley Cute Nursery Bathroom hallway Bedroom GET IT nightlight Nite Lite - CommonRebels Original phases of the moon lunar eclipse space edible images hard candy lollipop - 6 pc. - MADE TO ORDER - VintageConfections Pet Dog Cat Collar ACCESSORY Necktie - fingerstory
Moonlit Reflections 8x10 Photo Print - ItRunsInTheFamily Green Eyed  Black Cat  Necklace -Hand  Paint  Pendant  wooden art jewelry, gift for pet lovers - ShebboDesign I love you to the moon cotton grocery bag - Valentines gift - reusable blue shopping bag - gold print - constarlation My friend Gedeon - Signed print - movezerb
Kitty Cat Ring - iluxo A Grumpy Cat  - Pillow - Plush - Canufactum Moon Cats Tank Top (Select Size) - BurgerAndFriends 8x10 Love You to the Moon print - GusAndLula
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